St Andrew's Day Appeal

Dear Member

Christ is King! He reigns!

We give thanks to God for an amazing 2023 in the ministry of Growing the Church and Anglicans Ablaze! 

The Growing the Church team has been so blessed to be able to go and be a blessing in more than 13 Diocese' across ACSA and beyond in the last twelve months.

The Anglicans Ablaze 2023 Conference was a wonderful, spirit-filled time of teaching and worship, where all those who attended were empowered to go out and be a Jesus-Shaped church - in the whole church FOR the whole world. The link to the online conference may be found below:

Once on the website, you may simply choose the desired day you would like to view, and then choose the adult or youth section or which break-away, and you may view the talk's you would like to see.  

This year, we kept the Anglicans Ablaze ticket prices as low as possible, even subsidizing many of the conference costs were we could. The online conference was released across all platforms for everyone to view at no cost to those who attended. 

All this training and ministry, as well as an amazing Anglicans Ablaze 2023 requires funding. We are so grateful for the many people who bought tickets for AA2023, and those who already partner with Growing the Church and Anglicans Ablaze each year. 

We need the church to partner with us, if you are not already, so we can continue God's work in all the Diocese' across the ACSA Province where we can truly assist Diocese' to become "A Jesus Shaped Church - The Whole Church for the Whole World".

We have included information booklets about Growing the Church and Anglicans Ablaze, as well as a Ministry Information Booklet for your perusal.

One of the way's to partner with us is to give towards our annual St Andrews Day Appeal. We have attached a letter from our Metropolitan, His Grace, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, as well as some more information about Growing the Church, Anglicans Ablaze and our ministry partners.

The St Andrews Day Appeal Poster is also included as an attachment, for you to print and put on your Parish Notice Board and/or email out to all parishioners. 

If you would like to know more about Growing the Church or Anglicans Ablaze, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Director, Revd Bruce Woolley at

or our Office Manager, Kethokhule Dube at

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Dalcy Dlamini
Growing the Church & Anglicans Ablaze
Liaison Bishop
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